How to Cope when you don’t understand

Today I am up a little early for a Sunday. I am speaking at a local church in my area and I needed to make sure that everything was ready to go for the service. These are days that I love and dread at the same time. The part of me that loves speaking and feels very comfortable in front of large crowds vs. the part of me that struggles with connecting with people one on one. If you were to put me in front of thousands of people I am fine but get me to speak in front of 2 people or try to have a conversation with someone I struggle. Today I got up and typed out a manuscript of the message that I am using today. I normally don’t do that because I move so much but there is so much that I wanted to say I did not want to leave anything out. It was very interesting where I went with this message and actually I really like the fact that I am not going to be free speaking. Let’s see how I feel when I get up in front of people, and if I can make the message something that they will take and put it in their hearts.

This weekend has been interesting. Eman has been sick and that makes for an interesting time here at the house. We took him to the Doctor and he has Broncatitus which is not great but all in all it is good that we caught it early and the medicine that we got hopefully will help him feel better. We will see tomorrow how that goes.

PT is playing soccer and loves it. We went to his game yesterday and he tells me he scored 6 goals, ok he didn’t but he is truly loving the game, I can only hope that he will get better at it and it could be something that he loves for a long time. I will not push him to do anything that he doesn’t want too but I do want him to love what he does. Let’s see where this goes.

This week will be interesting it is homecoming week at the school where I teach, I have ADMIN duty 4 days this week which means I won’t be home before 10pm. That is hard for the family but we are so lucky to have grandparents, and family that live close enough that we can get some help.


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